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      Ana Nikolić decided to refresh the memory of her fans by giving them a new song that will represent everything she represents herself. The rhythm irresistibly resembles the one this singer has placed at the very beginning of her career – temperamental, energetic and "inflammable". The song is called "Baksuze". The melody and the arrangement were both done by guys from Trag atelier, while the text was written, the same as every time in the past for Ana, by Marina Tucaković... The making of video for the new single "Baksuze" will soon begin, and with it Ana will return to her recognizable dancing style.

      ”The Angel collection is the realization of my long lasting dream”

      In recent months this pop star is working on her very first fashion line, which she will soon introduce to her audience. "Most of the models are designed for ladies who want to, for at least one moment, feel like stars on the red carpet." In recent months, it was impossible to see Ana Nikolić on TV screen or read her interview. During this time the pop star worked hard to create her first clothing line, which she will launch within a month. This is not at all surprising, since the attractive singer graduated design at the Polytechnic Academy and was always interested in fashion.

"Past two years I have a very successful cooperation with a stylist Tijana Todorović and I wear models she specifically creates for me. Given the fact that every time I wear one of these unique pieces of clothes I get lots of compliments, I concluded that such clothing is not in the market although girls want it. Regarding that, the two of us agreed to create together Angel collection - Ana Nikolić and Tijana Tododrović", reveals the attractive singer, and adds that the models will not be designated only for celebrities, but also for all young girls.

"On my performances I wear a bit more extravagant clothes, but that does not mean all pieces of the collection will be like that ones. On the contrary, most of the models are designed for ladies who want to, for at least one moment, feel like stars on the red carpet. There will also be many beautiful and classical models, fully appropriate for the daily and evening occasions, thus a phenomenal choice for business women who all day long have obligations, but also want to be beautiful and stylish. We have devoted a lot of time in choosing fabrics and, because of the quality, we have decided that they should be Italian made", explains Ana, while adding that the collection will see the light of day in her own studio, which she plans to open soon.

"I hope it will all be done by the middle of May. Tijana and I are planning a spectacular show, after which the models will be sold in an exclusive boutique in Kralja Petra street, but also in our own studio that we are finishing these days. In addition to glamorous models, the basic program will also be sold, which is a fashion sub line that everyone will be able to afford", Ana Nikolić concluded.


      Ana Nikolić was born on September 27th 1978. in Jagodina and spent her childhood in nearby city of Paraćin. After finishing primary and secondary school, she enrolled in College of Polytechnics in Belgrade and graduated in foot wear design as her major. She won over Serbian audience not only by her song named “Januar”, but also with her attractive appearance and seductive dancing performance which she studied and perfected on Musical Academy in Berlin. Her first public appearance was in 1998. in the music TV game show “3K DUR”, where she sang the song originally performed by Marina Perazić named “Kolačići”. She became media and tabloid favorite mostly because of carefully made image of sexy seductress which suited her perfectly. Still, she doesn’t think of herself as particularly fatal woman for she is aware that she has put a lot of effort in every stage of her life so she would be happy with achieved result, primary in business area. She published three CDs “Januar”, “Devojka od čokolade” and “Platinum Collection”. On Serbian musical scene she appeared, unlike many of her colleagues, at the age of 25, which, considering many various aspects, was at the same time an advantage and disadvantage.

      - I was a very serious person ever since I was sixteen years old, I worked during the summer, earning my own money and living on my own. I lost my father very early, when I was nineteen and since then I have been thrown in to the arena of life in which I am still fighting and just now, a decade later, have I realized what I had been thru. I have matured much faster, especially compared to man of my age. It was like growing up over the night kind of thing. My four years younger brother Marko was the first one to come Belgrade in 1997. He went to High school of Geodesics, played football and lived in student dormitory. I arrived few months later and together we went through similar periods of adaptation to a new environment. Our mother Milijana completely dedicated her life to us and that is why I am running away from ever being attached to or living with a man. She has always been there for us whenever we needed her, but never interfered in my or my brother’s choices in life. She has a completely different character compared to mine, she is young in spirit and she has always known how to be an authority figure to us while at the same time being a true friend. From her I have inherited my honesty, but also my recklessness, straight forwardness and faith in people. Those are the qualities I had ever since I was a young girl who wore glasses and a back pack filled with books and went to school in Paraćin. I will treasure those qualities wherever I live in a future. I cannot omit two of my greatest teacher in life, my grandmothers Olga and Radojka, very strong and virtuous women who give me strength whenever I felt bad. It’s just not the same when you are starting to work as a singer in bars straight from the college at the age of 25, then when you have a full decade of experience in singing in bars behind you, and sometimes I really lack that kind of experience. Fortunately, so far I never had any problems during my performances, because I have always worked with bends in prearranged schedule. In time, through my experience, I have changed my personal attitude and some of my former associates noticed: “You have changed a lot, but for the best. When we were starting with our careers, you considered yourself the biggest and the brightest star and no one could approach you, now you have become a very warm and upfront person.

      My late father Dušan was very conservative man. There was a time when I wanted to do acting and he was against it, so I have no idea what would he say if he were alive today to see the success of the TV show “Pare ili život” in which I act. He insisted on my education, since it is the only thing considered worthy in patriarchal environment I grew up in, thus he didn’t consider as serious enough even the College of Design I wanted to enroll during that time and which now I have successfully finished.

      The intimate message to my dearest fans:
      P.S. Even my life, my dear fans, as well as yours, is not ideal and perfect, although it sometimes may seam as such when you read about me in the papers. I also have this common feeling of fighting against the windmills like legendary Cervantes’ Don Quixote. Help me so that my fight doesn’t end up like the one let by the glorious hero of the most famous peace of Spanish literature and make me confront my own infatuation with platonic love and looking upon the musical scene as the noble one, since the fight in that world is everything but the chevalier. Suggest to me what should I do by writing your advice on my e-mail address posted on this site. Should I, in the future in of my musical carrier, be more like Don Quixote in the second part of the novel, more lucid and firm, so that I could see things more rationally and with less emotional involvement? It seams like that is what cruel ways of the musical scene demand of me. However, I am everything but the typical representative of Serbian musical scene, since I do not fit in any cliché. I am my own person and wacky in my own way, but that is, I guess, exactly why you all love me...


All three Ana’s CDs were published by leading Serbian publisher of popular music, City records in the following order:

Ana Nikolic - Januar
2003 - Januar

1. Januar
2. Atina
3. Ptica skitnica
4. Uvek ima jedan još
5. Ako ikad ostarim
6. Hoću da te gledam …
7. Vatra (duet s Harisom Džinovićem)
8. Moj klub
9. Srećan mi ne dolazi

      After very successful debut on Beovision 2003 festival with song “Januar”, Ana published her first studio album that very summer in collaboration with renowned composer Akeksandar Milić Mili and famous song writer Marina Tucaković. On that CD Ana used pseudonym Nika, but since her real name very soon became famous, she stopped using the alias. For songs “Vatra” and “Hoću da te gledam” Ana filmed extremely effective and high quality videos.

Ana Nikolic - Devojka od cokolade
2006 - Devojka od čokolade

01. Devojka od čokolade
02. Verna do kolena
03. Dum jedan konjak
04. Plakacete za mnom oboje
05. Ljubiti se znamo
06. Romale, romali
07. Klovn
08. Ipak se okreće
09. Ko mi to poruke šalje
10. Solo ti, solo ja

      Three years after the first CD, Ana recorded the second album, named “Devojka od čokolade”, also several months after famous Beovision 2006 festival in which she amazed the audience performing the song “ Romale romali”. Video for the main title song of the album won the audience sympathies immediately and so did the ballad “Plakaćete za mnom oboje” as well as songs “Dum jedan konjak”, “Klovn”, “Verna do kolena”. This album has also been made in collaboration with Akeksandar Milić Mili and Marina Tucaković, but the song “Romale romali” was made by Kiki Lesendrić.


1. Ekstaza
2. Šizofrenija (duet sa Acom Lukasom)
3. Januar
4. Atina
5. Ptica skitnica
6. Hoću da te gledam dok se ljubiš sa njom
7. Vatra
8. Srećan mi ne dolazi
9. Ako ikad ostarim
10. Devojka od čokolade
11. Dum jedan konjak
12. Romale, Romali
13. Klovn
14. Plakaćete za mnom oboje
15. Ljubiti se znamo
16. Solo ti, solo ja

      In December 2008 came out CD with Ana’s greatest hits accompanied with two new songs “Ekstaza” and “Šizofrenija”. This CD began Ana’s collaboration with two young authors Miloš Roganović and Filip Aleksić.

Ana Nikolic - Bili smo najlepsi

Authors: Marina Tucaković
          Aleksandar Perišić Romario.



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